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Check out the latest Scarlet release info from RED.

Here is a video of Ted Shilowitz holding the RED Scarlet camera in Munich, Germany on July 6th ’09. He says delivery will be fall ’09.

Ted then goes on to say that delivery of the Epic X is only a few months away.

Thanks to for this video.

This prototype Ted is holding is a of couple generations old. RED has stated that their competitors are now watching and are keeping the final design behind closed doors until Scarlet and Epic are ready to ship.


  1. 16 July 09, 7:58pm

    I’m curious about it.

  2. 18 July 09, 6:43am

    […] of RED’s Scarlet Camera This website got video of Ted Shilowitz, RED spokesman, talking about the Scarlet and Epic cameras. Now the RED company has been very […]

  3. 19 July 09, 7:24am

    Okay, I don’t believe it!
    Is that even a really camera Ted is holding?
    Will it work?
    I’m not convinced.

  4. Justin O'Neill
    19 July 09, 8:06pm

    Yeah that is the Scarlet prototype. It is similar to what the RED One prototype “Frankie” looked like so I would say this one will work as well!

  5. eli
    19 July 09, 11:29pm

    i wish they learned thing or two from J.P. Beauviala. this is ergonomically not what a shooter wants. too much like the mark II, also.

  6. Justin O'Neill
    19 July 09, 11:56pm

    Eli, the RED Scarlet and EPIC brains are very modular and small enough that you could fit the entire system right inside an Aäton body if you wanted. I would not be surprised if third party companies create Aäton style “cases” for the Scarlet and Epic. The prototype Ted is holding in this video is just one configuration possible with the DSMC system. The “still handle” module he has attached is what makes this look like a 5D Mark II and it is an extra part you add on if you want it. Here is a good list of the modules that will be available from RED.

  7. Rich
    23 July 09, 9:22pm

    That thing looks as uncomfortable to hold as it could possibly be. Nothing like sharp corners and 10lbs to lug around.

  8. Justin O'Neill
    26 July 09, 3:36am

    Rich, keep in mind that RED is keeping the final design under wraps since their competitors are watching closely. Looking at older renders it looks like grips will have rubber, etc, so I hope the final design will be more ergonomic.

    That said, I don’t think this will replace the DSLR in most still shooters arsenal. If a still shooter is interested in motion (and I know a lot who are) it is a convenient combo, but if a photographer isn’t interested in motion there is no reason this would replace their Nikon or Canon.

  9. Taras
    01 August 09, 3:40am

    It will worth to use scarlet if you will be able to use different lenses on it. Not only Red ones. And how in world you can use Compact Flash with it when the fastest of it on market support only realistic 35 Mb/sec upload and download. And if it will be as Red say 100 Mb/sec theoretically where you gonna store it let say you need 1 min clip so 1×60×100=6GB, so largest is 32 GBx2(dual) so we have 10 min capacity on camera? Or it is Mbit/sec? then it will be 40 min for addition $1000. But no such flash exist at the moment. But I want this camera now. I’ll saw that static lens out and glue adaptor to mount lens I want ;)

  10. Justin O'Neill
    01 August 09, 7:48pm

    Taras, only the 2/3″ fixed lens Scarlet comes with a fixed lens. The other 3, 2/3″ interchangeable, S35 and FF35, come with interchangeable mounts. You have the option of PL, RED, mini-RED, C, B4, Nikon, and Canon lens mounts.

    The current RED One using REDCODE 28 is around 28 MB/s. Going forward, RED has said the REDCODE number doesn’t necessarily equate to the data rate so REDCODE 80 that the 2/3″ Scarlet uses may not actually be 80 MB/s. The current RED drives (640gb) will also work with Scarlet and Epic.

  11. Sceptical
    26 August 09, 2:21am

    …and Canon is just going to sit on it’s arse and do nothing!

    The Canon 5D2 is incredibly versatile and a joy to use (in the right hands)…and that’s just a taste of what’s coming in the very near future

  12. gibbygoo
    28 August 09, 5:47am

    Any ideas how the Scarlet will work with a suite of Canon EOS EF lenses? What about autofocus? Probably not, eh? I hear that with 35mm adapters like the Letus, you can’t adjust the aperture. Any possible limitations with EF optics and the Scarlet?

  13. Justin O'Neill
    28 August 09, 6:42pm

    The best option for Canon EF lenses on the RED One right now is the Birger mount. This mount allows all of the EF electronic controls to work except auto focus. Birger will be making a new back plate for their mount that will make it compatible with the Scarlet and Epic cameras.

    RED is making a line of FF35 lenses that have auto focus but there are no details as to how this will be implemented at this point. Birger also has plans to add auto focus to their Canon EF mount.

  14. gibbygoo
    29 August 09, 7:53pm

    Thanks Justin! Music to my ears.

  15. marp
    01 September 09, 8:03am

    cool info all, and being that Justin seems to be “in the know” Dear Justin, WHEN?

  16. Justin O'Neill
    01 September 09, 5:51pm

    I just stalk Jim Jannard and Ted and post what they say. Ted just said if there are no problems we get a first look around thanksgiving ’09. Every time I hear something I post here:

  17. 01 October 09, 7:13am

    Do you think they will take pre-orders soon?

  18. Justin O'Neill
    01 October 09, 8:43am

    Hi Dale, Jim Jannard said they will be announcing the Scarlet and Epic release schedule in October so we should be seeing that within a few weeks. The only way to currently get in line for the DSMC is to purchase a RED One and that serial number becomes your place in line.

  19. 08 October 09, 6:47am

    Thanks! Is it your assumption that non-Red users (new comers to RED) will be left out for awhile?

    Thanks for your help.

  20. Justin O'Neill
    08 October 09, 8:18am

    It entirely depends how quickly RED can manufacture Scarlet’s and Epic’s. They have stated current RED One owners get priority on orders so it may take awhile to get an Epic at least. Their original plan was to mass produce the 2/3″ Scarlet so that there would be no wait list. It probably partially depends how the economy is doing and how much demand they think is out there. Jannard has also said they started buying up some of the companies in their supply chain which should allow them to get units out much faster then with the RED One.

  21. crashandburn
    08 October 09, 11:52am

    Sounds good, but you must admit, it is lame for a company to announce a product that doesn’t even exist and then couple it with a restriction on who may have the privilege of buying it at some undetermined time in the future. Just knowing that I will have to play a waiting game behind Red1 owners makes me less interested in owning a scarlet. In fact, I’ve grown to be a bit irritated by Red’s announcement-before-development scheme. Would it be so wrong for them to build the damn thing and THEN announce it?

    I’m just getting really tired of the limitations of my 5d Mark II and xh-a1 bundle. Each has its strengths, yet neither are satisfactory on the whole. The Scarlet seems so promising yet so… distantly available. The idea of it excites and frustrates.

  22. Justin O'Neill
    08 October 09, 6:19pm

    Hi Steve, there are definitely two camps: those who revel in RED’s long public development cycle and those who can’t stand it. My thought is that those who don’t like it already have plenty of companies who hold everything back until it’s ready to deliver! RED’s decision to switch to a modular system is what delayed the Scarlet release. It hurts now but I think in the long run the benefits of the modular system will make up for it.

    Personally I love their open development style and have learnt a ton from seeing the interaction between the RED team and cinematographers, photographers, ACs, etc. on the forums. I am sure it is much easier for those of us who already own REDs though, as we can distract ourselves with shooting on the current system. I hope RED still sees massive demand for the Scarlet and manufactures them in large quantities. RED One was the camera they learnt on and I would imagine a lot of that applies to making the DSMC as well. I think RED’s unorthodox strategy is what has allowed them to compete with the majors after just over 3 years in existence.

  23. John Pinkerton
    29 October 09, 6:16pm

    Will the scarlet 2/3″ kit come with the pro cinema i/o module? what about extra batteries?

  24. Justin O'Neill
    29 October 09, 6:38pm

    Hi John, we should find out exactly what comes in the fixed lens Scarlet kit tomorrow during RED’s announcement. If I had to guess I would say it won’t come with the pro i/o module or extra batteries. Jannard has said it will come with the minimum to allow you to shoot which I would guess means the REDhandle (includes battery), CF module, and LCD. All of the other modules (including the pro i/o) will work with the fixed Scarlet but will cost extra.

  25. John Pinkerton
    01 November 09, 4:16pm

    with the scarlet 2/3″ will i be able to film in lower formats than 3K?

  26. Justin O'Neill
    01 November 09, 4:22pm

    Yes, both 2/3″ Scarlets will be able to do Scaled 1080P at up to 60fps.

  27. Raby
    04 November 09, 2:41pm

    So in the FALL? where is it?

  28. John Pinkerton
    04 November 09, 4:54pm

    will the scarlet have any mic inputs?

  29. Justin O'Neill
    04 November 09, 5:50pm

    Yes it looks like Scarlet definitely won’t be out this fall. The Epix-X “Tattoo” beta cameras will probably ship before fall is over though. Hopefully RED will have solid Scarlet shipping dates by their Nov. 30th announcement.

  30. Justin O'Neill
    04 November 09, 5:54pm

    Jim announced that Scarlet will have two independent microphone level channels, balanced input circuits, 48V Phantom Power, digitized at 24-bit 48KHz. Sounds like miniXLR but that hasn’t been confirmed.

  31. John Pinkerton
    06 November 09, 1:59pm

    and is this mic input on the 2/3?

  32. Justin O'Neill
    06 November 09, 2:47pm

    Yes these mic inputs will be on both the 2/3″ cinema Scarlet and interchangeable Scarlet.

  33. John Pinkerton
    06 November 09, 5:11pm

    when shooting in 1080p, how long do you have until you run out of memory? Also do you know if the 2/3″ kit comes with a monitor or an EVF? Thank you for answering all my questions.

  34. Justin O'Neill
    06 November 09, 11:33pm

    We have no idea what the data rate will be of Scarlet’s scaled 1080p mode. They are planning to do 1080p as RGB, not REDCODE RAW, and this makes it difficult to guess the MB/s. The 2/3″ fixed Scarlet kit will definitely not come with an EVF as that costs $3,200. The kit will likely come with the 2.8″ touchscreen LCD and other modules to get you to a shootable camera. We will have to wait for the Nov. 30th announcement to know for sure.

  35. Robert
    14 November 09, 11:47pm

    Just make sure that the Scarlett has a place in industrial video production. I would make it much larger than the earlier specs. When you are running and gunning a small camera is useless for a pro cameraman. This thing should be the same size as the jvc hd 100. Even if most of it is empty it will give the pro cameraman stabilty. The ability to shoulder mount -standard. Anton Bauer gold mount so we can use our existing batterie plug for lighting and a mount for a light-female screw on top of camera.
    VU meters on the side of the camera and also in the viewfinder. I dont know what mini XLR’S are. If you wire into a mixer for a line feed you may have problems, a standard XLR would be better. A headphone jack, black and white viewfinder with color bars and a flip out monitor for those long shoots. It would be super cool if it could also shoot on standard mini dv and the memory chip at the same time-whatever memory chip you use. I looked at the workflow to the Avid and it seems like it would work but I would be on pins and needles at first. Maybe Avid should write a direct import mode like it has for Panasonic P2, maybe they are working on it but that would be wonderful. Keep in close contact with Apple and Avid because 90 percent of your users are going to be on FCP or Avids. Just my two cents on making the camera work in the real world. I will definitely be in line with my check book when you release it. Love to visit your factory, I am right down the road in Aliso Viejo.-Thank You- Robert

  36. Justin O'Neill
    21 November 09, 5:07pm

    Robert, I just want to state that we are not affiliated with RED Digital Cinema and are just customers of theirs like everyone else. I know you weren’t talking to me directly but I just want to clarify that.

    Personally I think RED is heading in the right direction with making the brains as small as possible. The brain and modules are small enough to fit within the cases of many popular camera designs and I foresee 3rd party companies doing just that. No one configuration will satisfy everyone but if you make it small enough it can be built up to almost any shape. Mini-XLRs are what the RED One currently has and require a simple adapter to go to full XLR. Full size XLRs just don’t fit on the small brains. All brains will have a headphone jack and the viewfinder does have a black and white mode. The REDCODE SDK is out there and Adobe Permiere and Sony Vegas have done an amazing job of implementing it in to their NLEs. I’m sure other suites will follow.

  37. Dag Henning
    29 November 09, 1:16pm

    tomorrow (nov. 30th.) we get to know all the details :-)

  38. Jim
    17 January 11, 10:12pm

    Talking talking talking…as still no in production… “COMING SOON”…

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