“The Social Network” Shot on RED

12.02.2010 “The Social Network” Best Film of the Year

The “The Social Network” has been voted best film of the year by the national board of review: www.hollywoodreporter.com/social-network-named-film-national

10.15.2010 David Fincher’s “The Social Network” Shot on RED MX Cameras

Great behind the scenes clip from the making of “The Social Network”. Starts with a short commercial.

“The Social Network” directed by David Fincher is being shot on RED One cameras upgraded with the new 4.5k Mysterium-X sensor.

The cinematographer had this to say about the new Mysterium-X sensor:

To say that RED and the new Mysterium-X Sensor is impressive is tantamount to saying that Napalm is a little itchy. The sensor’s increased resolution is an obvious bonus but the expanded latitude especially at the high end and the dynamic color range makes this camera a tremendous asset to any cinematographer’s arsenal. The Mysterium-X’s amazing ability to handle both mixed color temperatures and low light situations affords us exciting opportunities to push the boundaries of our craft.

Jeff Cronenweth, A.S.C.

Read the thread here: www.reduser.net/36564

A www.reduser.net member had the opportunity to ask David Fincher some questions about the RED at a school lecture and posted the response here: www.reduser.net/36806 This is an excerpt of Fincher’s response:

We really like the images that we’re getting out of the RED, we really like… I really like the sense of what the picture is, I like that its not so clean that it looks like video tape, like “digital”, and when I put airquotes around it, I mean that it doesn’t have that plasticky waxworks-like look that makes faces look oddly plasticky. But for me, its so much more than just about the camera. I enjoy an extremely fast-response relationship with RED, they’ve been incredibly helpful. I think in terms of what I’ve seen, where the Epic is headed, it looks to me like the Model-T of digital recording devices. More…

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  1. 07 November 10, 12:22pm

    Great footage! Very interesting stuff.
    What camera was this behind-the-scenes footage shot on?
    Looks great!!!
    New Jersey

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