Canon 7D Video

Beautiful film all shot on the Canon 7D and lensed with Tokina 11- 16, Tamron 17-50? Canon 17- 135, canon 70 -300.

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  1. Ranjith Kumar
    26 July 11, 8:09pm

    Beautiful & great visuals.
    have you completed the post production works of ‘Kunthapura’?

    what was the pipeline for the post production? which platform you used for editing & colour correction?

    does it was upgraded to 2k during the post stage?

    Are you happy with the result?

    A film named ‘Chappa Kurisu’ released in Malayalam in Kerala two weeks back shot with Canon EOS 7D. Most of the theaters in Kerala are with 1k DLP projectors by UFO/QUBE. This mainly causes the result very badly.

    please give me a reply

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