EPIC-X at IBC ‘09 Pics

IBC 2009 has come to a close. As more photos are posted and bits of info released we will post them here.

Jarred took a photo of the RED One and the Epic-X with the REDmote attached so we can see the size difference.

Just so you know.. the Epic setup in the photo has everything you need to shoot minus the power ( just like the RED ONE ) so its almost an apples to apples comparison..

It has EVF/LCD output plus CF recording via the side CF module, HD-SDI out, HDMI out, 2 channels of Balanced Mic Audio in + 48v Phantom power, Headphone out, Power in, RS-242, Genlock/GPIO, all on the Brain itself.


Lewis Soucy has posted a few more Epic-X photos:

Scarlet and Epic info:

  • www.film-tv-video.de has a great video of the Epic at IBC. This gives you a good idea of how Epic will feel in your hands.

  • DSMC Openings: Jarred Land described how dust and moisture are kept out of the DSMC brains:

    the openings are connected to a completely sealed system.. its a closed tube that uses forced air to cool heatsinks. The only thing exposed is the fans that blow the air.. and those are user cleanable and changeable.

  • The battery in the REDhandle is interchangeable.
  • The new RED reel shown at IBC ’09 can be viewed here: www.red.cachefly.net/RedReel500.mov
  • Jarred posted a video of the Epic-X shot on the Mysterium-X sensor. This is so clean it could easily be a render. But it’s not. www.red.cachefly.net/EPIC11.mov
  • ARRI has released a video about their upcoming digital cinema cameras: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIPw8nLBgak
  • Adam Jeal talked to Jannard at IBC about his intentions for RED Ray:

    I asked Jim at IBC wether or not Red Ray is intended as competition to the studio’s DCI spec and as a means of opening up digital cinema distribution to more people and he said ‘yes’.


Offhollywood has some new videos of the Epic-X up here: www.gallery.me.com/offhollywood

Mark Pederson also has some new information about the DSMC system. The hot-swap, dual CF module sounds fantastic:

I LOVE the dual CF module that allows recording to span from one card to another and allows you to “hot-swap” while shooting. When the 32G CFs ship – this is going to be just awesome. I was also struck by how small the brain is with the EVF/LCD / CF module on the side – which is all you need to shoot – PERFECT for the forthcoming mid-sized ET 3D rig. I also dig the fact that the EVF connection is the SAME connection for the LCD and you can run THREE at any time. 1 EVF + 2 LCDs, 2EVFs + 1LCD, ETC. – also cool that you can power from Red Brick, or smaller batteries in a module – or battery in the handle.


More pictures of Epic-X from Wouter Verberkt. more…


Lucas Wilson from Scratch has uploaded some great pics of the Epix-X prototype and DSMC modules. more…


Jim Jannard and Jarred will be doing a presentation with Lucas from Assimilate showing off Scratch and RED Rocket this Saturday at IBC 2009 in Amsterdam. They will also be showing off the DSMC system modulararity and have a non working EPIC-X prototype and a working Bomb EVF for us to touch. more…


Jim Jannard and Jarred will have a prototype EPIC-X and a few other goodies at IBC ’09 in Amsterdam. This will be the current prototype and not 2 generations old like RED has previously shown. It sounds like maybe some working modules will shown??

Jarred and I will be at IBC to show the latest EPIC-X prototype. While the proto we show is not a fully functioning unit (still need ASIC to come off the presses and work), we will be showing other stuff that does work. I think that anyone that finds us in Amsterdam will be blown away with “the stuff in the case” we have with us. The proto is the final one. It is representative of what we will be shipping. We are very proud of where we are and what the future looks like. There is not anything ever produced that will do what this camera will do, let alone in the package we will show.

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