RED Shows 1st HDRx Footage From the Epic-X

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RED has released the first HDRx motion footage (right click and save as to download) and it looks amazing.  RED has measured HDRx to at least 18 stops on the chart.  HDRx is recorded as two streams (twice the data rate) of footage that are then combined in post using Redcine-X.  HDRx manipulation will also be in the SDK so we should see it in pretty much every NLE.  There is another version called EasyHDR which is done in camera with no hit to the data rate.

RED also has a new motion mode called “Magic Motion“.   The effect of Magic Motion is to basically get rid of the stutter in fast pans that is inherent to all digital cameras.  Objects that have motion blur also appear more “present”. You really get a sense of this in the “blonde twirling rod” video. A “More Normal Motion Blur” (MNMB) will also be available with HDRx and easyHDR. MNMB is being developed in co-operation with “The Foundry” (the guys who make “Nuke”).

HDRx motion clips.  Right click and “save as” to download:

Adam Wilt got a personal demonstration of HDRx from Jannard and has done a fantastic write up here:

Here are some of the details of the HDR motion mode:

Here are some stills pulled from HDRx footage.  Click images for higher resolution:

Here are some more examples of HDRx RED has posted.  The first image in each sequence is the normal exposure, the second is the X track, and the third is the two combined into an HDR image.


  1. 22 September 10, 1:54am

    This is phenomenal. I’m so excited.

  2. 02 October 10, 2:49pm

    [...] HDRx records two video streams, in post production those video stream are combined using Redcine-X. HDRx max frame rate is 48fps. Read more details here. [...]

  3. 04 October 10, 3:49am

    [...] ulteriore ritardo nella presentazione ufficiale, ma a quanto pare per un buon motivo: la funzione HDRx permetterà infatti di registrare due flussi video contemporaneamente, che potranno poi essere [...]

  4. Marshall
    06 October 10, 6:55pm

    Okay, I understand HDR, and I get it: High Dynamic Range showing detail through the whole range of deep shadows & bright highlights, but I’m really hoping for more interesting & longer videos. The Vegas vid with the fire truck was kinda interesting. Kinda, but more interesting content would be a real plus.

    And as a still photographer I’m lookin at those very short clips and wishing they were stills so i could apply some much needed Levels adjustments on all of them. The blonde twirling the rod doesn’t need adjustment that bad, but it is pretty boring.

  5. 06 October 10, 7:52pm

    Yeah, you can’t really see how much info is there until you put in the editor. I opened them in Premiere Pro and it is amazing how you can push and pull the footage. Can’t wait to see what people do with HDRx footage.

    Jim has said he will be sharing footage as they shoot it so we should be seeing some interesting stuff. I think the ghost town barn shot is pretty impressive. The guy walks from the bright sunlight outside to the dark shade inside the barn and it looks absolutely natural. That seems to be something that could have potentially been a problem and it’s not. Promising.

  6. Jack Frost
    02 November 10, 8:10am

    @Justin O’Neill

    Yes, it is amazing how you can push and pull the footage – and this is only an 8-bit color, heavily compressed H264 video, so you can imagine the latitude you’ll have with the RAW 16-bit footage.
    The options this opens up are staggering.

    The barn shot is way beyond impressive. It looks so normal and natural, yet when you think about what would have gone into achieving such a shot on any other camera (including film) you start to see how revolutionary this is. Practically, that shot would have been impossible to shoot without flooding the interior of the barn with lights, even when shooting on film stock with the most latitude, and even then you would have had visible grain in the dark areas of the image.
    50 years from now, people will still be talking about “the barn shot from 2010″ as a milestone in digital cinematography. If the Academy’s Sci-Tech branch doesn’t throw a trinket or two their way in the next few years I’ll be very surprised.
    “Promising” is a major understatement. If ever there was an appropriate use of the otherwise overused phrase “game changer”, this is it.

  7. 22 April 11, 8:07am

    Can I just ask, why is it ‘Blonde twirling rod’, and not Lady twirling rod? If it was a guy doing it, it wold just be called ‘Guy twirling rod’.

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