Beta Canon 7D Footage

Canon 7D Video

Based on the clips we have seen so far I would say the Canon 7D by far offers the best looking moving images in a camera under $2k.

It appears the jello effect is still there in the 7D but an improvement on the Canon 5D Mark II. I’m curious how many of you think this level of jello is a problem.

Rolling Shutter or Jello Effect

The jello effect is probably the toughest obstacle that we have to work around when using VDSLRs. The 7D is an improvement on the Canon 5D Mark II but jello is still something to watch for.

This video is not something you would want to do on a real shoot but gives a sense of what movement we will need to avoid.

This is Canon’s promotional 7D video. A couple tilt shift lenses were used: TS-E90, TS-E45 and TS-E24.

Download Original Canon 7D .movs

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  1. 08 November 10, 1:24pm

    Nice collection of 7D videos.

    We shot this video on 7D at 60fps. Edited in Premiere Pro.

    Gross Relations – “Fuzzy Timelines”

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